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Note that text that is highlighted in blue are new additions.

If you read these rules and follow them, you should be alright.

Bad Language- Try to keep the bad language to a minimum, there will probably be younger people coming here, and if their parents see them on a site with a lot of horrid language, chances are that they won't allow their child come to the site anymore.

Insulting and Flaming- Please don't insult and/or flame other members, doing so will result in a warning and then suspension.

Discrimination- While this sort of falls under the "Insulting and Flaming" category, I felt that this deserves it's own section. This site is for people of all races and religions, I don't want anyone to be insulted because they are a different race, religion, or gender than you. This also includes not insulting someone if they are homosexual or bisexual. Remember, if you are insulted in any of these ways, PM me STRAIGHT away, and I will deal with them.

Trolling- No troll wars are permitted in the forums, if anyone trolls they will be sent to an automatic suspension

Spamming- No spamming is permitted, if you are spamming you will be given a warning, then a suspension, if it gets too serious, it may result in a permanent ban (or permaban for short).

Gravedigging- Please don't dig out old topics that have been forgotten unless you have something valuable to add to it.

Advertising Your Website- You may not advertise your website anywhere on the forums except for in your signature or in the designated advertising topic.

Mini-Modding- If you are not a moderator, please don't act like one towards other members by telling them not to post something in a particular forum, I will move it if necessary.

Pornography/Hentai- DO NOT POST ANY TYPE OF PORNOGRAPHY OR HENTAI!!!! If you do, you will be immediately permabanned, no second chances! This is a host site, and they will delete this site if it has any inappropriate content on it.

Alternate Accounts- Please don't make an alternate account (or alt for short). Doing so will result in the alt being permabanned, as well as YOU being permabanned! And if you create an alternate account after being banned, the alternate account will be banned and it will never be possible for your normal account to be reinstated.

Disrespecting Staff and Other Members- If you disrespect the staff or other members in any way, you will be given a warning, and if you decide to continue your disrespect, then you shall be suspended.

Text Talking/Excessive Improper Grammar- This has been getting on my nerves recently, I don't want any "Text Talking" here, which means substituting words with different spellings, like "You" to "u" or "Thanks" to "Thanx." It's just very annoying and it's hard for people to take you seriously when you talk like that. Also, excessive use of improper grammar, basically meaning, never capitalizing your sentences, or punctuating. It's okay to have a few minor mistakes, but when you're deliberately not doing anything about it at all, it's also hard for people to take you seriously. I don't mean to be a huge Grammar Nazi, but yeah.

Suspension - 1 Month
Ban - 2 Months
Permaban - Forever, NO SECOND CHANCES.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Forum Rules, and have a nice stay here at the Let's Plays Are Us forums.


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