Hey guys, it's SenseiMewtwo12345!

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Hey guys, it's SenseiMewtwo12345!

Post by SenseiMewtwo12345 on Tue May 08, 2012 2:46 am

Alright, about me.

I am a fairly recent LPer, not entirely new. At the time of this post I've already completed three projects and have two in the works, so I have some experience already. I really wanted to do LPs for a pretty long time. The first LPer I watched was ProtonJonSA. Just dinkin' around on YouTube, and I happen to search "Funny Mario" or something like that, and that led me to Jon's Kaizo. I didn't really know what I was watching at the time, apart from the fact that it was absolutely hilarous. Later on, I discovered Chuggaaconroy and saw exatly what LPing is in his Super Mario Sunshine, and was immediately hooked. I wanted to do it myself right after seeing that LP. So, last Christmas, I finally got a capture card, and here I am!

My other hobbies include band, band, and more band. I'm obviously involved in a pretty sucessful and fun band program at my high school, for now. (Being a senior next year and all that.) I march bari sax in marching band and jazz band and alto sax and bass clarinet in concert band. (But I much prefer bari over bass clarinet tongue I mean, saxes in general I find are much easier to play than clarinet. Just saying.) I'm also involved in some pretty high level classes both this current year and next year. As a result of all this stuff, my uploads are pretty sporatic. I upload whenever I can, but there may be the occasional one week hiatus so I can focus on school. (Obviously, over the summer, hiatuses will be rare, only when I have the two week long band camp or I happen to be travelling.) I also really enjoy reading manga and watching anime. Yes, I do watch Naruto, Bleach and all that, but I also enjoy some lesser known animes as well, like Gurren Lagaan and Fullmetal Alchemist if you consider the latter lesser known...

What games do I do? Any games, really. I record with this in mind schedule-wise: Two LPs at once at all times, one main LP that is fairly to very lengthy, and a bunch of shorter 10 - 20 episode games on the side for those who arent interested in the main LP. Like I said, I will do any game. The vast majority of the games I've done so far are old PSX games with somewhat of a platforming/puzzle focus, but the games I'm working on now are an RPG and a Fighter, both for the 360. I also plan on a particular racing game and a particular FPS series (Not saying what for the sake of spoilers tongue ) in the future, maybe an RTS that goes along with the FPS series, just to give you an idea of the broad range of what I want to play for you guys. I also don't stick to any particular system, it's just that most of the games I have fond childhood memories with are PSX games. That's why you will see so many on my channel.

I also do collabs with a group of friends I know in real life. The collabs are uploaded weekly, although it is also a little sporatic because our busy schedules have to fit on one particular day to record in a given week, and sometimes they just don't. We always record ahead for those kinds of situations, but things don't always work out they way we want them to and there the is the occasional week without an upload or a late upload. We're currently playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii and probably will for a few months yet, and we don't have a clue what we will play next =P That's thinking a little too far ahead. Anyway, those videos are pretty funny. I will admit we got to a rough start, but after we got it going we startd to make some pretty good videos.

As far as my commentary style goes, it somewhat depends on the game and the situation. There are games where, at times, I might not want to ruin the mood with random commentary, and then there are times when I'm just having complete spaz-attacks, screaming at every little thing that goes wrong... (Episode 5 of Crash comes to mind...) As far as a concrete style that you will see throughout my videos, I mostly just go with the flow, and of course point out things about the game that you need to do in a walkthrough-ish fashion. Then the commentary style for all of us collectively in the collabs is just utter chaotic randomness. We also yell at each other a lot in a childish way, which leads to some pretty interesting situations involving karma later Laughing

As far as blind games go for me... I am open to them, but I need new games Neutral I've already played everything I own before, and it isn't too often I buy a new game due to the fact they are 60 bucks a pop, so blind games won't be pretty common on my channel, but there might be one on occasion.

Also understand that I don't usually go into too much preparation for my LPs... Tried "preparing" before, didn't like it. I prefer to play games the way I normally would off-camera, which is "I havent played this game in forever, I suddenly feel like playing it again." As a result, I make mistakes a lot just due to the impromptu nature of my LP style. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes I just want to facepalm. But at any rate, yeah. Expect me to make the occasional mistake.

I guess the last thing I'll mention is the equipment I use to record. For solo recordings, I use a Logitech USB mic with a sock as a pop filter. Gives me a pretty good sound quality, but there is a faint, barely noticable static noise If I have to increace the volume of the recording for whatever reason. I'm using a Dazzle DVC 100 capture card to record, and the Pinnacle Studio software it came with for editing, although I always run the file through Windows Movie Maker to reduce the file size for YouTube and also to add my fast-forward/chipmunking effect. When I'm recording episodes of the collab, we use the mic on my laptop. Not as good a sound quality, but it picks up everyone in the room. I also used the same mic in question for my first LP. The sound editor I use is Audacity (Who wouldn't use it?), and I'm running all of this on my ASUS laptop with Windows 7. (Go laptop, go!) Also, another thing I've gotten into the habit of doing is depoying a "tray" kind of thing that I have in front of the couch, placing the laptop on a chair nearby, plugging in a wireless mouse and keyboard, mic goes on the tray/table thing, laptop is connected via HDMI cable to the TV, a bunch of headphones are worn, and I can record straight off my TV screen Very Happy I also record 360 games similarly, only with the component video cables in the TV and the AV and sound cables int he capture card. Helps with fighters and FPS games so that I don't have to deal with the misiscule amount of lag on my capture card. It's not bad lag, but it is barely noticable, and could make all the difference in a fighter or FPS.

One last thing to add, actually. This one is pretty important. I have two channels. There is a reason for this. The first channel, SenseiMewto12345, lost the ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which most of the games I play pretty much require. (Videos from 20 - 30 mins are what we are looking at here. Longer for the collab at times, just to make sure we get through everything we want to get through in a timely manner for those.) Anyway, here is the story of why. Before I made LPs, I also made anime redubs. Well, some troll flagged one of them, and the channel got slapped with a content ID claim. After that, I kissed videos longer than 15 mins goodbye forever on that channel. So I was forced to move on. Basically, I just made the same channel name, just corrected the misspelling. (Which was on purpose, by the way. Most usernames won't let me put the full username due to length being an issue.) It is now SenseiMewtwo12345. I left the old channel and old videos up, but I arranged all the old videos into playlists on the new channel and actively upload to the new channel now, adding the new videos to their playlists. Sorry for making this longer, but I felt like that might need clearing up.

At any rate, that was pretty lengthy. I'll stop here.

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Re: Hey guys, it's SenseiMewtwo12345!

Post by MarioMaster1337 on Tue May 08, 2012 9:16 am

HOLY CRAP! You win the longest post award, anyways, welcome to Let's Plays Are Us, as you can see, we're a little inactive right now, but if you can tell your friends/fans about us to help get us a little more activity, that would be great! Also Oblivion Gate avatar is awesome. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Very Happy


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