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Site Basics

Post by MarioMaster1337 on Thu May 05, 2011 6:18 pm

Do you not know how the site works? Well, you came to the right place, because I will now explain everything you need to know about the Let's Plays Are Us Forum. First off, if you are new, welcome to the site. Smile

To register, simply click on the registration button at the top of the page and fill out all of the necessary requirements and you will have your account!

To log in, simply click "Log In" and enter your Username and Password. There is also a quick way to log in at the top and bottom of the Main Forum Index. To log out of your account, simply press "Log Out."

To post a topic you need to first click on the forum that meets the requirements of what you want to post, if you are unsure as to where your topic belongs, please Private Message me, if you don't know how to send a Private Message, then scroll down and read the "Private Message" section. Anyways, after you have selected your forum, click the "New Topic" button, then enter a title and a message for your topic.

To reply to a topic, click the "New Reply" button while in the topic and type out your reply. You can also scroll down to the bottom, where there is a "Quick Reply Box" that will let you type out your post so that you don't have to click the "New Reply" button. To quote another user's post, click the "Quote" button that is connected to their post. If you want to quote more than one user, click the "Multi-Quote" button. The button will then highlight itself and you can pick another person's post, and you can quote as many people as you'd like, but try to keep it low, as page stretching is kind of annoying.

Did you make a mistake in your post and want to change it? If you did, click the button on your post that says "Edit" and you will be able to edit your post to make it look better.

If you see that the time at the top of the page is incorrect, that is probably because you don't have the correct timezone selected. To change your timezone, click on the "Profile" tab at the top of the page then click the tab "Preferences" and scroll down to where it says "Timezone" and you can change your timezone so that the time matches up with your timezone.

To send a Private Message click the tab at the top that says "PM" and click the "New Reply" button, enter the name of the person you want to send a message to, and then type out a message subject and a message, and then click "Send." A copy of the message you sent will be stored in your "Outbox." "New PM" will be shown where it should say "PM" at the top of the page when someone has sent you a new Private Message, click on it to see the message.

If you need help with finding out how to post certain HTML codes look no further, just scroll down and see them. Remove the *'s from the code for it to work.

Bold Text [*b]inserttexthere[/b*]
Italic Text [*i]inserttexthere[/i*]
Underline Text [*u]inserttexthere[/i*]
Strike Text [*strike]inserttexthere[/strike*]
Align Left
Align Center
Align Right
Justify Text
URLs [*url=http://url]urltext[/url*]
Images [*img]imgurl[/img*]

HTML Embeds
Unfortunately, the forum is preset so that you can't see HTML embeds, such as YouTube videos. If you're having these problems, then follow these instructions. First, click the "Profile" tab at the top of the page, then click the "Preferences" tab. Now scroll down to where it says "Always Allow HTML" and check the "Yes" box. You should now be able to see HTML embeds.

Those are the basics for the site, thanks for reading them! Very Happy


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