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Pokey's Laugh (Mother 3 Fanfic) Empty Pokey's Laugh (Mother 3 Fanfic)

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Pokey's Laugh

A Mother 3 Fanfic

It this world, everything is peaceful till someone from the past mess up everything to cause the world to end. Till twins were set to stop this evil Pokey who wants the world to end. Lucas is a blond kid with yellow and red shirt. While Claus is a orange kid with the same shirt. In the beautiful afternoon at Alec log cabin, Claus was knocking repeatable to get Lucas attention. Lucas was dosing off in to one of his dreams. Amber started shout “Wake up sleepy head Lucas”. Lucas struggled to get out of the bed then he fell down. Lucas sprinted down stairs. “Good Afternoon, Lucas” said Amber. As Lucas as running out the door, Amber grumbled “Where do think you going in your pajamas”. Lucas walked all the way back upstairs to change. As he was leaving he rammed into his mom to get a nut. “Okay, Okay I surrender! Here is a nut” his mom shrieked. He was finally outside, Alec, his grandpa, was stand quietly. He started to say “Claus is waiting for you at Plateau”. Lucas started to run down back to Flint, his dad. He stepped on a ant so he didn’t go further. Claus shouted “Come here Lucas”. Lucas started to sprint to Drago Plateau. Claus was waiting patiently for Lucas to come. “What” said Lucas. “Play with the Dragos! Ram into them” said Claus. “Claus, do you think Lucas knows how to ram into stuff” said Alec. “Ramming is easy just run into something like a Drago!” Claus added. Lucas started hold down about to run then he rammed into a Drago. Everyone was happy till a Mole Cricket just came around. Lucas and Claus were punching the cricket till he gave up. Amber came to get those little kids. “It lunchtime, we have omelets” cited Amber. “Yum, yum” said Claus as he was running with Lucas back to the log cabin. At log cabin, Claus said “Mom, what your favorite food”. “Oh, omelets just like you guys” Amber added. “After dinner we have to pack up and go to Tazmily Village” said Amber. Then Alec added “Oh, these kids could go back all by themselfs”. Amber went outside and wrote a letter. Letter read as “Dear Flint, the kids have been running around the mountains till they got tired”. “Claus is full of energy while Lucas is a bit coddled”. “I forgot about the mountain air”. “Next time we have the neighbors tend the sheep so we can come up all as a family”. “We are coming back this evening, your dearest, Amber”. She send the letter with a bluebird. As she walked back inside a weird flying object with a pig nose on the side.

Chapter 1
Night of the Funeral
Back, in peaceful Tazmily Village, a non-natural fire started. Flint was happy and comfort at home. He was at home eating dinner till Thomas started knocking and roaring “open the door, Flint!” He was trying to open the door till the doorknob broke off. “Why do have to come off at a time like this” he stormed till Flint opened the door. “What’s the commotion all about!” Flint said. “A fire, a fire in Peaceful Forest!” Thomas yelled. As Flint left he remember to pet Boney, the brave dog, he found a stick had Lucas played around with dog. Flint equipped the stick and started to whack around to see if it worked. Flint started to run to the forest till Thomas spotted Mapson then Flint talked to Mapson. “Hey Mapson mark my map to forest” cited Flint then Thomas added “No, no Flint we are going to Lighter and his dad’s house.” “Okay here is your marked map” said Mapson. “Lets go!” yelled Flint. Flint started to run again. When met the crossroad he checked the map again. “Lets go left!” Flint shouted. As he pass the house of that man, he bumped into someone. The someone was Butch. He said “Go into the house.” Flint went the house alone then out the blue, a voice came out. “What’s your name!” the strange voice announced. “My, my name is Flint” Flint added. “Thanks” the voice said. As he left the voice said “Bye”. He ran pass Butch, and entered the forest. The forest had bats, yam, and mousses. A bat flew around them then Flint took out the stick and bash towards the bat. Thomas grumbled “my back hurts!” The bat flew to the ground in scene of defeat. After the battle, Flint pass Thomas’ house and a spa. “Lets go to the spa because my back hurts” cried Thomas. “Okay” Flint added. When he started to run he spotted a frog. “How did a frog get here” said Flint. “That’s not mine” explained Thomas. In the spa, Flint got so relaxed he forgot about the fire. “Come on, Flint” yelled Thomas. “I guess so” Flint added. Running more and more depth of the forest, there was a fire. Flint rammed into a baked yam and he took out the stick again. Thomas decide to punch or kick but he couldn’t. “My stomach is growling, yam please” Flint complained. “Yes its yam” added Thomas. The battle ended with eating yam. Flint walked till they seen a person with a pigmask on his or her face. The pigmask person ran into fire and the box he left it had weird looking bugs setting trees on fire. After bugs went out, he spotted Lighter laying on the hot ground. “What happen Lighter?” said Thomas. “Those bugs they set trees on fire” explained Lighter. “Flint, Fuel is still in the house!” added Lighter. “I been here Flint” said Thomas. As running to Fuel’s house he stopped because the weird strange bugs came around to battle him. Flint quickly equipped Lighter’s lumber and flew the stick away. He swing the lumber towards the fireflies. One firefly came and use shot fire! Another firefly just plainly bashed Flint. But he quickly swing again into all fireflies. As all the fireflies fell down, he started to run and stomp on them. When he was done he run non-stop to Fuel’s house. “The door is busted, guess I have to ram into the door” said Flint. He rammed into the door and saw a flying mouse. As he was walking up the stairs he got into a battle with the flying mouse. He just bash over and over again. The flying mouse shoot out fire and made Flint almost die till he bash one more time harder. Flying mouse went to the ground. Flint ate more of the yam. He build up this power again. “Fuel, Fuel, I’m here!” shouted Flint. He had to ram one more time to save Fuel. As the house was crumbing down to the ground, he rammed into the leftover wood. “Flint, Mr. Flint, you save me” said Fuel as Flint saved him. “Hurry, Lets go” yelled Flint. He ran down stairs so fast. “I want my toys!” said Fuel. Pass the kitchen floor the top floor was crumbing apart. “NO, MY HOUSE!” yelled Fuel. Outside the whole house was crumbed apart. Flint and Fuel where covered in black soot. “Hey, Mr. Black Pitch Flint” said Fuel. The forest is still on fire. “What happen here?” worried Fuel. Flint started to run and Lighter wasn’t there. He was weird and confused because Thomas wasn’t here then he was angry. “Is my dad, is he okay?” worried Fuel. A bat flew around them and attacked. Fuel keep on kicking and punching but it didn’t reach the bat. Flint took out Lighter’s lumber and swing it like a bat. “Hey that’s my dad’s stick” said Fuel. Bat attacked Fuel. “OW” yelled Fuel. Flint swing it one more time. Bat fell to the ground and Flint shouted “YES!” “Nearing Thomas’ house” said Fuel. Flint knocked and said “Are you there.” Nobody replied back to Flint. “I guess he not here but the lights are still on” guessed Fuel. “Lets wash up in the spa” suggested Flint. “Okay-Dokie!” yelled Fuel. “A frog!” explained Fuel. “I seen that frog before” added Flint. In the spa, Flint relax so much. “Ah!” said Flint. “This feels good” added Fuel. “My dad, where is he?” worried Fuel. “I don’t know” said Flint as he was getting out of the spa. Fuel cried for a second. “Let’s go” added him. Flint and Fuel started to run out of the spa. “WHERE IS HE?” stormed Fuel. “I keep on saying I don’t know!” stormed Flint. With all their bad luck, they got into a fight with that bat again. He just swing the lumber back and forth. “Not bats again!” grumbled Fuel. He picked up a stick and he couldn’t reach the bat. “Like this, Fuel” said Flint while striking the bat to the ground. The anger he had back at the beginning of the forest was gone. “Oh, that’s how, I guess I need a new and longer stick or maybe a lumber?” added Fuel. “I started with stick” replied Flint. He walked pass Butch and he started to talk. “Hey, your head is covered in black soot” said Butch. “I know, I know, Butch!” grumbled Flint. “Anyway, Lighter is waiting for you” added Butch. “Come on Fuel” said Flint. “OKAY, Mr. FLINT!” yelled Fuel. Flint and Fuel pass the house of that man and he felt so special. “Hey, Flint your pitch black!” said Maxwell. Flint and Fuel ignore him, just going pass him. “Hey Cowboy Flint your pitch black” added Maxwell’s wife. “Oh, howdy wait a minute I’m not a cowboy!” yelled Flint. “You are for the town peoples” added Maxwell’s wife. Flint ignore both of them as Fuel stayed quiet. “I have to go sorry” replied Flint. He passed though the crossroad. “Hi Beanstalker” yelled Fuel. Beanstalker didn’t say anything again. Passing thru Tazmily Village, Flint spotted a strange man walking to Butch’s Farm or Wess’ house. “Hey what are you doing?” yelled Flint. “Who me?” grumbled Duster. “Not you that strange man!” added Flint. “Thanks, I’m in a bad mood” Duster stroked. Strange man left into Butch’s Farm. “Come here” Flint roared. At, Butch Farm, the strange man was in the house with Butch. “Lets go to my dad!” yelled Fuel. “Okay, lets go then” added Flint. As they walked back Wess was here. “Hey, Wass I mean Wess!” said Fuel. “Did you happen to see Duster walking around?” asked Wess. “Ya, ‘bout a min ago” added Flint. “Get back into your real voice, Mr. Flint!” replied Fuel. “He’s in a bad mood because of the fire” said Wess. “Hey, why are covered in black soot?” asked him. “Flint, he saved me” added Fuel. Back at the crossroad just walking to the Inn. Duster was walking back to his home. In the Inn, Flint walk to the innkeeper. “Is there a room of Lighter?” asked Flint. “Let me check, wait” added the innkeeper. “Okay” said Fuel. “Are you Fuel?” added innkeeper. “Yes” said Fuel. “Oh, there is s go down to room 6” reipled Innkeeper. “Thanks” Fuel added. Walking down to room 6, peoples doors where open. All vistors from room 1 to 6 where saying hi. Finally, he reached room 6. “Hi dad, nice to meet you again!” shouted Fuel. “Are you okay, Lighter” added Flint. “I’m okay, wait a minute, did I hear my son Fuel’s Voice.” Questioned Lighter. “Yes dad I’m here” added Fuel. “Yes, yes I turn around to see you” said Lighter. He did turn over do see him. “Why are you covered in black soot?” questioned him. “Our home burned down because of the fire” added Fuel. “Our sweet sweet home gone? I remember we had a picture of us near ocean. Bad its gone but I think we’re going to stay somewhere than the inn” said Lighter. “Yes, our house” added Fuel. They both cried till Lighter said something. “Well, at least your okay.” Said Lighter. Everyone said tri-a-lia. “Whats tri-a-lia” ask Flint. “Tri-a-lia means cute moment” said Tessie. “By the way, thanks Flint for saving Fuel from near dead” said Lighter. “Wait, Lighter never thanked anyone before. Flint, you have the honor to be first one” added Max. It started to rain. “I hear petter-patter, it must be raining!” shouted Lighter. “Bye, I hope you feel better Lighter and Fuel. Hope you can find a place to stay at” replied Flint as he went out the door. “Hey, Innkeeper” he said. It was raining then someone came. The someone was Alex. “Hi, Flint have you seen Hinawa and the kids” said Thomas. “No, I happen not to see my wife and my kids” added Flint. “I was near the creak then I hear some screaming” said Thomas. “I guess so we will have to go up to Sunshine Forest to find them” he added. “Okay! I been there after I check my home, in case it burned or maybe letter” added Flint. “See you in the forest” said Thomas. He walked back to his home and seen a bluebird with a letter. This bluebird was sleeping on the front yard looking like it was here for a long time. He walked in front it. “Excuse me, bluebird” He said as he put his hand on the letter. He pull off the letter. The letter read as they where coming back this evening. “But its nighttime, I have to go!” he worried. His dog cried and came with him to the forest. Thomas, Butch, Lighter, and Bonson ran to the forest. “Let’s go Boney!” yelled Flint. At the forest, the blocked path that the stange pigmasked person went through earlier was open. Flint went into the left side of the forest. Bonson, Lighter, Wess, and Thomas where here. “This tree was cut down by a non human thing” explained Lighter. “Maybe it was weather” added Lighter. “Maybe it was that pigman thing we saw back there” said Thomas. “Maybe that pigman” said Flint. He walked over more left of the forest with boney. Till he spotted a huge foot mark and starch in the mountain side. “That looks like a drago was here” explained Wess. “Look, Doggie Bonie” Flint said to his dog. Boney smelled a smell he knew and cried. “Looks like your dog is on to something” said Wess. Flint and Wess looked up and saw Amber’s dress in the tree. “How are we going to get up here” Flint added. They got puzzled about how to get up there. But luck came. “Can I borrow your dog?” Wess asked. “Yes” added Flint. “Hey dog, remember this sock smell that belong Duster” said Wess to the dog. Then the dog remember the sock smell and went. In the cold rainly forest, that dog went. Everyone was looking at him. He went to Wess’s House just following the smell. The dog went down stairs and found a sleeping man with chips next to the bed. The sleeping man was Duster. Duster, the 23 year old brown hair person, was still a sleep. Boney cried to get him awake but he couldn’t he was a heavy sleeper. Dog put this mouth on the back neck part of the shirt and drag him all the way back. When, they got to the middle part of the forest, he woke up and started running with the dog. They reached back to Wess and Flint. “Duster, my son, remember your thief skills and use them for good” Wess said. Duster used wall stapes on the mountain. A few seconds later, he was done with the ladder. Flint and Boney went up the ladder. They went over to the tree and got the cloth of Amber. Went back but there was 2 pigmen more up. They had a machine, they was caribou on there. The 2 pigmen press the button. Caribou came out charging towards them. Flint bashed out to the caribou but the attack was not strong. Boney bit him but still it was not strong.
Duster put down wall staples. It was easy because the caribou didn’t to anything. Boney stoped because the pigman gave him a bone. The bone was good so Boney didn’t do anything. Duster came out and kicked with his broken leg. Then, Flint came out with Lighter’s Lumber. With the kick and a bash the caribou went to the ground. “Yes” Duster and Flint shouted. The pigmen ran up more of the mountain with fear. Flint stopped and spotted a notebook with a pignose. On the first page it said “All the animals around here suck we need make them cooler”. Then Flint realized he forgot a part. “- The Ultimate Chimera Project”. “Weird project of hurting animals” said Duster. So they followed the pigmen to a weird ufo thing. They tried to run towards the pigmen into the ufo. Boney threw the bone but nothing happened. “They’re gone” said Flint. “Weird that’s flying” added Duster. “How can they?” he asked. “We’ll never know” said Flint. They went then down the ladder, Duster made. Wess wasn’t here. “I guess they got the tree down” Flint guessed. Over near the tree, it wasn’t here. He went over there and spotted this kids, Lucas and Claus. They were near a fire like a camp out, there clothes on a dry rack, and they had blanket on them. “Dad” shouted Lucas. Claus didn’t say anything. Flint was happy to see the kids but wheres Amber. “We found them on a shore all okay” added Tessie. “At least they’re okay” said Thomas. A few minutes of seeing his kids, Bonson came around and said he had bad news and good news. “Well the good news is I found a drago fang but for the bad news I found it pierced in your wife’s heart” announced Bonson. After, Flint heard that he went in a rage. He pushed Jeff over then Thomas, and finally tried to get Bonson but he couldn’t. In the middle of all this Tessie was explaining not to look at their dad because he was hurting everyone. Finally Bonson put him asleep. The night was over for him. At 6 am, Flint awoke up. Claus came around and gave his dad, an apple. “The middle might be hard” He said. And ran back outside. “Where are you going?” Flint asked but Claus was gone. He started to eat the apple. In the middle, Flint got his teeth hurt. “Ow” he said. He put the hand file in his hands. Flint went to the door and used the hand file. He got out of the prison cell. He went outside, and he saw Duster. “Uh, hi?” said Duster. “Going to the funeral!” added Flint. He walk towards into the plaza. Everyone was line up till he came around. They also cried and look at Flint all the way. He went into the gloomly old unused cemetery. He went over and talked to Bonson. “Sorry about last night” said Bonson. He just ignored him and went to the cemetery stone of his wife, Amber. Lucas and Alec where there. They’re both crying about Amber’s dead. “Mom is dead, she can’t ground me anymore, I don’t want it like this” Lucas cried. Then Alec noticed something. “Where’s Claus, he said he be with you. But he isn’t here with you. Lucas do you know anything about this” Alec worried. Lucas was quiet for a few seconds. “No dad, he didn’t take your homemade knife and went up to kill drago” explained Lucas. “Good thing you raised him honest. How does he think that a homemade knife is going to kill a drago” said Alec. “I wanted to come but he said he wanted to be alone” explained Lucas. “You want to go?!?” shouted Alec. Lucas cried and ran back to town. “Maybe I was litte too harsh. Meet me at my house when you found a weapon” added Alec. Flint went back to town. He remembered last night about the drago fang in Amber. Finally, he reached Bonson’s house. He wanted that drago fang so badly. “Hello, Bonson, do you have the vicious drago fang?” He asked. “Yes I have it and I tweaked it up a little bit” said Bonson. “Thanks” reipled Flint. He went over and went into Thomas Bazaar. “Whatever you want pick it up and leave” said Thomas. Flint picked up a bomb and went back outside. He went over and back to his home. Lucas was eating and playing a board game at home. “Sorry about that” explained Flint. “Okay” said Lucas. Flint went over and pulled out a box with wrapping. He gave it to Lucas. He saw a little paper on it said “For Lucas, From mom and dad”. “Thanks daddy, I hope mommy was here to see it” said Lucas. “Me too” added Flint. Lucas opened slowly and opened the box. Inside the box there was a family picture. They where standing across from their house. Claus on the left with me. Amber with Flint in the middle. Boney on the right next to the doghouse. “Thanks, dad” added Lucas. “Bye Lucas, see you later” said Flint. Back though the forest going towards Alec’s home. He met a yam again. “NO!” he shouted. The yam didn’t do anything. Flint went out and smash out the yam. He took the yam. “Yes, later dinner?” he said. Into the deep forest, he found a desert. There was weird looking animals grading a dust ball. One of them, came and attacked Flint. He attacked back but it missed. The thing called for help and 5 of the others came. “MORE?” he yelled. They both attack at the same time, the thing missed. Flint left like nothing even happened. There was a gift by a Metal T-rex. Flint came over then the Metal T-rex went after him. “Today isn’t my lucky day” said Flint to himself. Flint bashed so strongly that the t-rex took damage. T-rex came and starched with his claws. It was so painful nearly Flint died. He went out one more time and the t-rex went towards the sand of the desert. Flint spotted some Beef Jerky and ate it down. In, the gift box there was arm armor and Flint put it on. Walking across the bridge he found an arrow frog. He just walked pass and found a farm. The farm had a house. “Hay, Alec!” said Flint. “Oh, hi” added Alec. “Can I have a omelet?” asked Flint. “Oh, sure” added Alec. They ate some omelets. “So did you give the picture to Lucas?” asked Alec. There was silence for a second because Flint was still in the middle of eating his Omelet. “Yes, I gave the picture to Lucas” added Flint. “And the other one with me” asked Alec. “I’m giving the other one to Claus, if he is alive” said Flint. “Well, anyways how is the town life?” asked Alec. “Good, raising sheep, cows, and hopefully pigs in the years to come” explained Flint. “Okay, it more and more harder to come up there in the desert” added Alec. “Yes, also we found pig masked people” said Flint. “Weird” added Alec. “And we spotted a strange man near Butch’s farm asking for pigs” explained Flint again. “Okay lets go right now” said Alec. So they went over to the door and went outside. “So, since we’re done with are food lets go!” announced Flint. “Okay, there’s these people called Mariples. They live in a seashell on the lake. We don’t know how old they are, who they are, where they came from, and if they are Male or Female…” explained Alec. “We’re near the river.” Added Flint. “… Hey, as I was saying. We don’t know anything about them” Alec explained again. “Also, these are arrow frogs, they point us in the right area then other one will point us again till we make it” explained Alec. He walked over to one of those frogs and said something. “Put us in the right way” he whispered. “I don’t think the frog will to a thing” explained Flint. “Okay this way!” the frog shouted in a high pitch voice. “Okay lets go this way” Alec said. They follow the arrow then we found a other frog. “Hey frog, point us to the place were we need to go” whispered Alec. “This may, haha, this way” said the frog in very high pitch. “Flint, Flint!” yelled Alec. “I know, I know” added Flint. They spotted 2 frogs. “Ribbit, Ribbit I’m the wrong frog” said the left frog. “Okay?” Flint added. They went over to the right frog. “Hello are you the right frog?” asked Alec. “Yes, I’m right frog not left! My friends rise now!” shouted the right frog. The other frog rose up as a bridge. “Well thanks” said Alec and Flint. They went on the bridge of frogs. Finally reached the other side from bridge of frogs. There was a spa right next to him. “My back hurts a lot” complained Alec. “Okay, spa time! What a wonderful time it is” Flint sang. After spa time, Flint went out but Alec stay put. “Come out, spa time is over” asked Flint. “Okay” cried Alec. There was a home like a seashell. “That’s the home I was talking about!” added Alec. Flint looked confused about a seashell home. He remembered what Alec said about those weird non-human beings. “Are the beings, pigs?” asked Flint. Only air went to him because Alec was inside the house all ready. “Hey wait for me!” he yelled. Inside the seashell, he seen guys wearing makeup and lady’s clothes. But Alec said that they aren’t male or female. Flint went to Alec. “This is Flint” added Alec. “Hi Flintly-poo” said [NAME]. “Have you seen a orange hair kid named Claus?” asked Flint. “You mean the little Raquel that pass though here…” added [NAME]. “Yes” said Flint. “… He was going to the drago platueu for something about his mother being dead…” added [NAME]. “So anyways, where is drago platueu?” asked Flint. “… I taught him something like PSI power so he can defeat that drago that killed your wife” said [NAME]. Everyone in the room went to silence till Alec said something about how to get to drago platueu. “To get to drago platueu, Flint, you have to go though the cave up here the fastest” announced Alec. They deiced to leave the seashell of lady-like guys. “Bye” said Flint and Alec. Outside, Alec words of how to get to drago platueu went into Flint’s mind. He went to cave then in the cave he went. Inside the cave there was bunch of paths. All the paths confused Flint. “Okay, I remember the only path that works. Go up to north fork” said Alec. So Flint went up to the north fork. “So whats next?” asked Flint. Alec was trying to remember whats next till he knew the next way to go. “Go down to the south fork” said Alec. As walking down He and Flint where in trouble. The trouble was a rat and bat. Quickly, Flint pulled out his stick. “My back hurts still so I cannot fight” said Alec. Flint bashed bat. Alec took out yam and ate it. Flint smashed rat then it went towards the bat. Alec bash with his hand then he had a back pain again. Flint powerfully smashed bat till it came to ground. Alec stomped on the rat. It was gone after Alec stomped on it. “Yes” said Alec and Flint. They ran downwards. “From here, go left” Alec added. Flint went left with Alec. They walked for 2 minutes till Alec talked weirdly. “Oh hi Flintly-poo” said Alec. “Stop!” yelled Flint. Walking down more Alec talked again but about the path. “Go up to the vine” said Alec. “Okay” added Flint. So they went up and up and up. Till, they found a vine. “Go up the divine. Don’t you get it?” added Alec. Flint went up the vine. They were in a other cave. They went up so more and more and more. “This is a long cave” said Flint. As he said that there was a rat. They ran as fast as they can till they spotted a vine. Flint went up first then Alec came. They were off the map. This place was a desert with river and a couple trees. “Lets go save Claus!” yelled Flint. “Fine” added Alec. They went up till a bald eagle came out of tree. “NO!” yelled Flint loudly that a 2nd one came around. Flint went around then smashed hardly multiply times. Alec was wolfing on the yam and the cheese. One came down then other one came falling towards the ground. “Lets go, lets run” said Flint. They ran pass a couple trees till Flint spotted something. “A gift box!” Flint shouted happily. He went over and open it. Inside, a new stick was in there, Flint took it. “I’m ready for that drago and save Claus from dead” Flint added. They ran up for a long time. They spotted a shoe. “That’s Claus shoe, he must be around here!” shouted Flint. He walked till a tree came. “Fine” said Flint. He just smashed little. Alec came around with a stick. He bashed and missed a lot. Flint didn’t try. He went away but the tree followed him till he bashed again. Tree steals yam and eats it. “Well I have the cheese” added Alec when he was wolfing down the cheese. “Stop eating and help me fight this tree that is alive!” yelled Flint. “Okay” said Alec. He kept on missing. “Well okay, fine miss!” shouted Flint. He went hardly on the tree. The tree set on fire. “Oh” added Flint. They walked over to shoe and pick it up. “Claus shouldn’t gone up the mountain just defent the drago” said Flint. They went more over and found some beef jerky. Flint picked it up ate 2 beaf jerky sticks. Wess ate 2 stick of it. “Lets go defent Drago” added Flint. They went up some more till Flint said something. “Claus we are here. Hey Claus, come here!” happly shouted Flint. Then a Drago with metal straps put together with electity. “A mecho Drago?” question Alec. Flint thought Claus wasn’t here. He stab the mecho Drago with the drago fang. Mecho Drago let out loud howl. Flint smashed with the stick very hard. Alec bashed the air because he missed. The drago did a combo attack on Flint. Since Flint was hurting, he flew a bomb towards the drago. Alec gave 3 sticks of beaf jerkery. Drago hurted Alec a lot. He quickly took out his healing food and ate it. Flint threw all the bombs at the drago. “Flint take his” yelled Alec as he gave him healing food. Flint ate the food as the drago did one more attack. Flint and Alec were near to death. “Okay that’s over” said Flint. Few seconds after. “Weird things are happening” added Alec. They looked around over the house then a little drago came. Flint walked crossed and tried to kill the mecho drago. “Stop, your going to make it like it was for Lucas and Claus” added Alec. So he stopped looked all over for Claus. “I guess I’ll look tomarrow” worried Flint. As they didn’t look Claus fell into the canyon and taken by the pigmen army.
Chapter 2
Duster’s thief adventure
One week later, back in Tazmily Village. “Hello Duster, my son” said Wess. Duster stopped his thief training. “Okay, I’m listening” He added. “Go into the castle, then thru everything, get the shiny thing” explained Wess. “Fine, okay” added Duster. As, he was tried to get out Wess said something. “Okay there is somethings in the basement” added Wess. Duster went down stairs into the basement. In basement, there was his bed and a lot of gifts around the basement. Duster picked up 3 important objects out of all the gifts. In, the first one, he learned about tickle stick were the enemies get tickled. 2nd important thing thought him how to wall stape the wall so he can go up more. So, he went back up stairs and try to seek out of the house. Wess caught him in the act of leaving and said something. “Before you leave I’m going teach you a couple of thief skills” Wess said. “Okay, fine” grumbled Duster. Wess thought him about scary mask scaring the enemy so its easier. “More scared they are the better” added Wess. Few seconds later, Wess said “There is thunder bomb in the back”. “Okay, bye dad!” yelled Duster as he left. He went to the back and a gift box was laying here. He picked it up and decided to open it. There was a thunder bomb inside. After, he picked it up he ran towards the town. There wasn’t anyone here. Everyone was asleep in their beds. As he went up more the strange man pass by and bumped into Duster. Duster just went though and he went across the crossroad upwards into the graveyard. In the graveyard there was a zombie coming after him then 2 more came. Duster knew that the scary mask wasn’t going to work. The zombies kept going towards him. He spin kicked with his broken leg. “Ow!” he said. After that annoying battle, he went over and seen that the bridge was in up position. He decided to go back. A old man was walking back into his house. Duster followed the old man. Inside, Duster looked around and he wasn’t here. A bookcase was moved a little. He decided to ram into the side of it. Then he pushed the bookcase a lot. Once it was removed he found hidden pathway. Duster went inside. He was welcomed by a mouse. He put the scary mask on. The mouse came scary of the mask. Duster quickly spin kicked the mouse. The mouse went back to being normal and eating the cheese of the world. Duster thought that was easy and bye mouse. Going up more though this easy maze with left then right then back then left. He found gift box with a Pisces . He put the bracelet on. So after that he went on the path more. Till, a rat came. Duster tried bashing but it did nothing to the rat. Rat tried to steal a thing from Duster but it didn’t work. Duster tried a kick and his leg started hurting. He couldn’t kick or bash for few turns. The rat got a other rat towards into the battle. This battle was turning into a major battle. “Someone, help” worried Duster. He started healing. A other mouse was coming slowly towards him. Duster stood up and brush off the dust and maybe some of the sewer water off his shirt. A mouse started biting him. The other mouse came closer towards him. He went up kick them all and they went back to eating cheese. After that he went more and more up till there was stairs. He went up the stairs. The stairs lead him upon a castle. Well, here is the old castle he thought. The old man from the graveyard was there planting some plants. Near the plants there was a door knob. Duster went over and pick it up. After that door knob pick up time. He went over to the big castle door and it wasn’t open. So he went over and over thinking what he should to. “Remember wall stapes” from Wess was remembered into his mind. “Okay, where is a staple able area. There was a simple wall that he wanted to staple to go inside. He took out the wall staples and put in on the petty wall of this castle. He went up and up. He was on top of the castle after climbing. He went over and there was a door. “I have to get it!” he said quietly when going into the castle. Inside the castle he went over. There was a statute of man and he was holding a big black bowling ball. Duster ram into the statute. The bowling ball left his hand then into the ground. The bowling ball made a hole so Duster jumped inside. He fell into the basement. “Ow!” yelled Duster. After the rough landing he looked around a little bit. After that he spotted a staircase leading down to a spa. Duster went down hopping one foot because foot broke a little more. Once he was down there, he hopped towards the spa. Once he was in the spa, his foot started heals. “That’s better” he whispered. He moves around inside the spa. He saw a statue of a lion running out the water for the spa. He sat there for 5 minutes. He went out of the spa and went upstairs to find the shinny object to bring back Wess. Back upstairs he went left. There was a hallway to the dinner room. Inside, there was a bunch of ghost eating some food and drink. They’re all nice ghosts. Duster talked to one of the ghost. “Hello, I’ll give you [ITEM]” whispered the ghost. “Okay, thanks” said Duster. After talking, he went over into the kitchen. He spotted a ghost chief. He said “Hello”. On the other side there was jar of jelly which later fell down and cracked open. It was evil jelly. The jelly hit Duster. He kicks back. Now the battle is over. He went back outside. Then went over left towards the chair. He couldn’t go up here. So he went the other way towards the stairs. On the stairs there were rocks all in a straight line. Duster couldn’t just ram into these rocks. He went back into the kitchen. He spotted a staple able area. He walked towards the area. He started stapling upwards. He walked into a new room. There were ghost knights on both sides. Duster quickly ran towards the next door. Inside, the next door, the door wasn’t a door. The ghost door attacks Duster. He kicks with his broken leg. The ghost door disappears in the dumps. Duster thought maybe the next one was correct. He was correct and ecstatic that he found the right door. “What the heck, is all this” he said when he was startled. There were two ghost horses, racking back and forth. Duster started to run when ghost horses were following him. He closely reaching the other door, the ghost horse rammed into him. “Dang it, I was so close” he said while turning back towards the ghost house. Duster quickly bashes the ghost horse.


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