New co-op Let's Players here

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New co-op Let's Players here

Post by SomethingEtc on Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:38 am

Hello everyone. Me and my friend Jon have just recently started up a Let's Play series called "Nick and Jon Play." We have had pretty much zero feedback so far, so we are eager to get some honest opinions on our videos. So far we have only tackled a couple of Super Nintendo games, but we intend to play games for other consoles and some PC games in the near future.

We want your brutally honest opinions. So feel free to take some cheap shots at us. Constructive and destructive criticisms are both welcome. At least watch one of our videos long enough to see our custom intro. I know that opening titles for Let's Play videos can be obnoxious, but keep in mind ours is only around 12 seconds long.

So here is our channel:

Have fun!


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