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Post by Whiteforest on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:44 pm

Hey there everyone, I'm Whiteforest from the new let's play group PissedPlayers. Who or what are the PissedPlayers ? Good question concerned viewer, and one I am happy to answer. PissedPlayers is a let's play group consisting of 3 players, Naryexoto, Unrealfan, and of course me.Together in different combinations we create let's plays. As of now we have we have 2 segments running and 2 unnamed segments in the making and we update daily. Our current projects are as follows: Wingin It Silent Hill, Nayrexoto and Whiteforest embark on a terrifying and rage inducing adventure through the haunted town of silent hill. Wingin It Final Fantasy 2, Nayrexoto and Whiteforest team up once again to battle the strangely effeminate Emperor in the glorious world of Final Fantasy 2. Three For All Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Nayrexoto, Unrealfan, and Whiteforest, slip into some tight spandex (sorry for the image there) and take on the roll of your favorite marvel super heroes. Watch as they fight over Items, rage at enemies, and hate on Thor. All those and 2 unnamed projects to come. check us out at the following links.

Main Channel:

Wingin It Silent Hill Updates: Mon Weds Fri

Wingin It Final Fantasy 2 Updates: Tue and Thu

Three For All Marvel Ultimate Alliance Updates: Tue Friday

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