Technical setup help

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Technical setup help

Post by TheGenesiscommision on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:34 pm

Hi, guys i came here looking for some technical help.

currently i am writing a blog, but I want to make my own you tube channel to accompany it.

I am however running into technical issues while recording my videos.

.toshiba satellite
.eazy cap

1. game lags causing the controls to be jerky at best . while video is ran to my pc

my thoughts / questions
1. I need a better grabber set up
2.could the lag be caused by gpu processing times?
3.what is the best video recording software?
4.what is the best grabber to use?
5. will the lag stop if I run a split from my av cables to the tv? thereby allowing me to play while watching the tv screen but record from laptop.

please post suggestions

Btw, its nice to meet you all. my name is wes, I am a communications student at the university of north Alabama. I enjoy reptiles,games,science and bowling. Wink there's my quick little intro


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