Let's Play: Pokémon Fire Red Omega!

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Let's Play: Pokémon Fire Red Omega!

Post by Don! on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:52 am

Hey guys,

My name is Don. I’m a newcomer to the site and came to say hello. So, hello! Very Happy

I just started a Let’s Play series of Pokémon FireRed Omega. I realize a new Pokémon Let’s Play must sound very tiring for all of you, but if you have the time / interest, please feel free to give it a read: you can find it here: http://pokemondon.wordpress.com/

PS.: If I’m posting this in the wrong forum or if this post is somehow inappropriate, I apologize. Feel free to delete it.

PS.: I don't know If I should post this directly here... Should I?


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