Whats up guys? I'm GamerUnguided.

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Whats up guys? I'm GamerUnguided.

Post by GamerUnguided on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:36 am

Hey there,

My name is GamerUnguided and if you haven't guessed, I'm a Small YouTuber looking for help, as it currently stands im reaching out to new communities in the hopes that i can build up a network of contacts, all my contact details are at the end of this post so please feel free to add me on any of them if you ever feel like having a chat or just shooting the s**t or somthing, but there is still more to this post so please feel free to grab a bite and dig in for the whole ride.

My Name is GamerUnguided, Im a youtuber, my real name is of no importance and is actually quite bad, for as long as i can remember my nickname has been Aidy so please feel free to call me that (although for some reason some people i play games with call me Cody O.o), Im currently a machinima partner under a 3 year contract and im looking for people to build a network of contacts with, one day i want to make this easier by creating my own Forum/website to help create contacts between people but untill i get the funds together i shall stick with the current social mediums, at the time of writing this post im 19 years old (not to bad eh') But in a few months time i will be 20.

I Really enjoy playing video games and i talk to myself alot whilst playing them so when watching a few larger channels they inspired me to create my own (All the typical channels that give people inspiration "OMFGCata,totalBiscuit, Yogs etc") the first part was hard getting a name that i could make my own fortunatly my gamertag was GamerUnguided (Made during highschool when i was litterally an unguided gamer because nobody else was really into gaming as much as i was in my school) so i used that and so far i have been able to turn it into my own small 'brand', ive made a few freinds though youtube but not many so im really trying my hardest to build a larger network of people, im looking for people to work with and to help me so i can help them.

I really enjoy all aspects of my youtube 'career' because it allows me to speak to developers in ways that normal gamers only really dream off i guess, im not trying to brag but i get alot of self satisfaction when i walk into my local Game store (formerly GameStation) and speak to the dude behind the till about developers i speak to and the latest indie games i have been able to play.

Anyway thats all there is about me i guess, if you want to add me on anything below please feel free i would like nothing more than to expand my network and include more people.

Contact Details:

Youtube: /GamerUnguided
Facebook: /GamerUnguided
Twitter: /GamerUnguided
Gtalk: nolifegamer1235@gmail.com (trying to secure gamerunguided@gmail.com)
Skype: GamerUnguided
Steam: GamerUnguided

(Just gotta love universal branding)

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post


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