Zooted Gaming, Where Drunk Gamers.. GAME!

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Zooted Gaming, Where Drunk Gamers.. GAME!

Post by ZootedGaming on Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:01 pm

Hey everyone! Zooted Gaming here. Our Channel proposes the most random comedy, and drunk gaming.

In our channel we aim to make tons of people all over laugh and have a great time watching!

We also would love to be close with our fan base as well. Which means that any messages towards us, questions fans have, or anything along those line.. We'll respond, answer, and always make sure our fans feel appreciated!

Our comedy is something no one will EVER find in ANY let's plays across YouTube! So feel free to check it out, Subscribe, and let us know how you like our videos!

The last catch to our Channel that i'd like to tell everyone..


So, enjoy some very very random things while watching some of your favorite video games being played!

The link to our channel ----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ81OeUm673q8SN2DQu9FdQ/feed

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