A new LPer is you! - or hello, I am new here :)

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A new LPer is you! - or hello, I am new here :)

Post by karbengo on Thu May 31, 2012 7:36 am

Well hello everyone! My name is karbengo. I am 25 years old and I live in Brussels, Belgium.

So it's been years since I introduced myself to YouTube, then to LP videos. For a long time I've been following LPers like HCBailly, NintendoCapriSun and chuggaaconroy. I enjoy their work a lot, so much so that I decided to start my own LP.

What about me? I own many games & consols from Nintendo and Sony. And for almost a year now, a brand new computer powerfull enough play the latest PC game at full res, and to create good quality videos. Cool
I like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Zelda to name only a few. Nowadays, when I am not spending my time on YT, my play time is split between TF2, WoW, Mincraft and the f2p online tank game World of Tanks.

As stated above, I've started my own LP channel two weeks ago, and I'll soon present it in a post in the corresponding forum's section, aswell as my first and current project. Despite hailing from Belgium, and french being my first language, I decided to make my LP in english to appeal to a larger public. However, don't expect to hear me speak like a native outright. I am doing that to exercise my english aswell, so please excuse my clumsiness. You have been warned! Razz

Edit: My channel presentation post - http://letsplaysareus.forumotion.com/t133-karbengo-plays-in-his-bathtub-with-small-boats-new-lp-channel

See you again to have nice video game and LP discussion over here. Wink

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