Look out world here comes SpooderMin

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Look out world here comes SpooderMin

Post by SpooderMin on Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:40 pm

Hey there guys and gals, your friendly new youtuber Spoodermin here to let you know little tid bits about my self. Well to start off I am a 18 yr old Canadian male and i love all video games from Legend of Zelda, Mario, Metroid all the way to Borderlands Battlefield and Dishonored. The whole reason I am doing this is because when I play games with friends we usually rabble on or i contemplate with my self and feel like i could add something to me playing these games and then BAM the idea of the channel came but the name was still a problem in which i created when i was at a Canada Festival I saw the Spider Man ice cream and Called it Spooder Min for some odd reason then Ding ! something lit up and SpooderMin was born ( I do understand there is a meme called SpooderMan I honestly never knew about it and am not trying to rip it off)

Currently at my beautiful Youtube channel I am slowly getting started with some Battlefield 3 Game play and episode 3 of Dishonored and I am hoping to get better at commentating and I do understand i suck at it now but that is what time does it makes things better

I hope you all enjoy Cool

Your friendly youtuber


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